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Straitjackets - created to be nearly impossible to get out of, a straitjacket can be a frustrating and exciting addition to your toy collection.Free Shipping Details Within the United States: Spend 9 or more and use coupon code FREEUS to get free shipping. Indulge your deepest sexual fantasies with Fetish Fantasy's amazingly easy-to -use bondage swing. Its patented harness and strap system is like floating in a spaceship! Welcome to Pipedream's Passion Bondage kit, the perfect bondage set for beginners and fans of kinky experimentation! With its introductory restraints and blindfold, you and your partner can explore intimate new pleasure. Need a Better Way to Keep Your Slave Under Control?With straight-forward and super simple setup, this swing is the perfect beginner toy. In its stylish plush pink, turn your bedroom into a fantasy dungeon when naughty slaves get tied and disciplined! The new Fetish Fantasy Series Leather Collar & Cuffs guarantees you perfect control over your sub or slave. After Trying This Bondage Set You'll Never Need Anything Else! Made with soft nylon material, this kit is the perfect set for couples looking to try something new in the bedroom.Use the ankle and wrist cuffs to restrain and restrict your sub... Comfortable and durable this seriously secure, super-sexy back hogtie kit allows you to play out your kinkiest fantasies! Place the collar around their neck and tighten it to a comfortable fit.

Some are designed for complete encasement, some are designed to have access by a Dom to 'the good parts' and others are equipped for solo usage.The Latin phrase dies natalis (literally "birth day") has become a common term, adopted in many languages, especially in intellectual and institutional circles, for the anniversary of the founding ("legal or statutory birth") of an institution, such as an alma mater (college or other school).An anniversary is the date on which an event that took place or an institution was founded in a previous year, and may also refer to the commemoration or celebration of that event.All you need to enjoy the pleasures of this swing is a closed door and an adventurous partner. Do You Like Getting Hog Tied During Your Playtime Sessions? Fulfill your naughty urges while they’re pinned to the door. Take Bondage Play to the Next Level Get your partner into the perfect submissive sexual positions as they lay spreadeagled on the bed or floor.Then check out the new Position Master from Pipedream. Durable and versatile, these leather door cuffs allow for all kinds of new possibilities. Two sturdy metal cylinders slide over the top of the door. For the more adventurous couples out there who want to take their bondage play up a notch, this Sportsheets Edge Spreader Restraint Bar will do just that. Can You Turn Any Piece of Furniture Into Sexual Equipment? With Sex & Mischiefs high-quality nylon restraint system, you can apply it to any piece of furniture, not just your bed!

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  1. Every interaction between the two of them was sexually charged, but their sex scene at the end of the season's second episode was particularly hot, carried by the energy that only two people who've waited too long to touch each other again can generate. Big Boo and Rachel, ex scene — in which she had sex with Rachel while utilizing a pretty massive looking strap-on — so amazing was that it was an accurate depiction of the way many butch lesbians actually have sex, as Big Boo's portrayer Lea De Laria (who, like her character, is a butch lesbian) explained.

  2. The name comes from academia and techy-land, where a person explaining a process on a whiteboard gets to a part that is not well defined or important so just waves their hand around to indicate that Stuff Happens, then moves on to the important goodies.