Dating websites uk reviews hyundai

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Dating websites uk reviews hyundai

Tens of thousands of UK motorists participated in our survey, allowing us to list the most reliable cars you can buy today.All responses used to compile this list were from owners of cars between three and six years old – the period where problems are often likely to crop up.DIY mechanics may wince, but the end result is generally good news – cars are more fuel-efficient than ever before, as well as being much easier to live with day to day, with longer maintenance intervals than cars of that long-gone 'simpler time'.It should be reassuring, too, that our Driver Power owner satisfaction survey supports the notion that technology is nothing to fear – owners of complex cars such as hybrids and tech-laden SUVs report that they're among the most dependable cars on the road – a testament to the huge investment that carmakers plough into research and development.As you’d expect, this means build quality is excellent and the E-Class receives plenty of praise from owners in this area.If there’s an issue, the engine is the most likely culprit, and 15.1% of owners reporting a fault during its life with them. The Toyota RAV4 is one of the cars that helped kick-start our obsession with SUVs.

Owners also heaped praise on the silky smooth engine and gearbox, along with exemplary interior quality. The Mercedes E-Class executive saloon has a reputation for being one of the world’s most thoroughly engineered cars, with an obsessive attention to detail.In the relatively small number of instances where RAV4 owners have encountered problems, they most commonly concerned the engine or gearbox.Drivers did suggest the RAV4 struggles to match official fuel-economy figures in the real world, rating it poorly in this regard, but its dependability isn’t in doubt. As well as its reputation for being the world’s best-selling hybrid, over the years, the Prius has also become known for its impressive reliability.This weighting doesn't apply among owners reporting a failure, so it is possible that car rated as being more reliable could, in some cases, record more breakdowns.Just 10.1% of owners reported faults of any description with their Lexus CT, and most of these were minor niggles.

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