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Keeping healthy aquarium resources: Aquarium Cleaning, Methods, Reasons, Procedures Aquarium Redox Potential, Reduction, Oxidation Aquarium Lighting, PAR, lumens, CRI, watts, types and more This is the most common algae in established freshwater aquariums with or without plants.This is the algae that coats the front and side glass.As well, my methods may not work as well for some as all it often takes is new/different variable for an algae control method to be less effective.It is is also noteworthy that one should start with a healthy bio filter; meaning an aquarium that is not battling high ammonia & nitrites.It's generally a good sign if that is the only algae that is noticeable in your tank.Generally simply scraping the glass and rinsing off plastic plants with a 1/25 bleach/water solution (followed by a rinsing with de-chlorinators and water) prior to your water change is all that's needed to control this easy to control.

Moderate to high phosphate limited tanks have more problems with green spot algae on plants.Diatoms are a major component of plankton, free-floating microorganisms of marine or freshwater environments.Not all diatoms float freely though; many may cling to surfaces such as aquatic plants, gravel, décor, molluscs, and crustaceans.In low concentrations they probably don't have any noticeable effect in aquarium systems, and indeed they are probably always present.These diatom cells are encased within a unique cell wall made of silica (hydrated silicon dioxide).

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Finally as per Silicates, do NOT confuse these with silicon/silica, as the later is inert while Silicates are not!