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Presumably, that new water would have to come from , and ordinarily CEQA would force the Energy Commission to examine in detail the environmental costs of taking that water from where it was being used -- by farms or fish or whatever -- and putting it through a power plant instead.

The other measure is more likely to have a direct environmental impact: that's directive 20: The Department [of Water Resources] shall take actions required to plan and, if necessary, implement Emergency Drought Salinity Barriers in coordination and consultation with the Water Board and the Department of Fish and Wildlife at locations within the Sacramento- San Joaquin delta estuary.

But so far, there isn't a whole lot of detail as to how that mandatory 25 percent water cut compared to what we used in 2013 is going to affect ordinary Californians.

It also comes in a week when new figures reveal the state's snowpack -- the source of much of our water -- is frighteningly low.This isn't as direct an impact for a lot of Californians, though presumably regular readers of Redefine at KCET will find it hits close to home: the governor's Executive Order specifically exempts much of the work it mandates from the dictates of a law the Order describes as "Division 13 (commencing with section 21000) of the Public Resources Code and regulations adopted pursuant to that Division." That's the part of the California Public Resources Code more commonly known as the California Environmental Quality Act, a.k.a. Suspending CEQA in the face of an emergency is not particularly newsworthy in most cases: most declarations of states of emergency and similar documents include one form or another of suspension of relevant environmental laws.And the provisions of the Executive Order for which CEQA has been suspended include a few things, like the California Energy Commission's researching new water saving gadgets, that are unlikely to pose a huge threat to the environment.Here are six ways those changes are likely to happen for a lot of Californians.Adding to the complexity of the cuts, by the way, is the fact that the governor's April 1 Executive Order doesn't mean every single water agency cuts their use by 25 percent.

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These barriers will be designed to conserve water for use later in the year to meet state and federal Endangered Species Act requirements, preserve to the extent possible water quality in the Delta, and retain water supply for essential human health and safety uses in 2015 and in the future. Conserving water and meeting Endangered Species Act requirements and human health and safety?

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