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"Unlike you, Dope, I don't need words to make myself seem appealing." He stood up and walked away into his kitchen of his condo, ignoring the glare his companion sent him."Cocky Bastard."…. Was the women (even some male) population this stupid, to think that a simple message or even a 'wink' would get his attention. Ha actually retuned to this stupid site when he didn't even have to.

Username: Uchiha24Password: *********** Welcome back! The bet was that he only had to make an account; he didn't have to do anything after that, right? He had underestimated the dope, when he should have expected for Naruto be fired up for it even more especially when it came to stupid things. The bet was, after Naruto explained to him about this new *coughstuipidcaugh* dating website, that if Naruto got himself a girlfriend from finding her online that he, Sasuke, had to make an account.

And yes I know I have not written nor updated in anything in like a year… Here we will ask you to fill out your information, please put anything you want in the slots! 3 3Name: Uchiha, Sasuke Gender: Male Age: 24Occupation: CEO of Uchiha Trade Birthday: July 23Profile: Why did you join: Lost a bet. The Uchiha prodigy, at the ripe age of 24, turned in his chair, away from his laptop, to stare at the Uzumaki.

Dislikes: Assholes (I don't have time for you), ducks (childhood thing), boring people. And by her profile picture she was pretty, as far as he could tell, however, for all he knew that could be a fake photo and she could be uglier than Itachi's best friend, Kisami." Sasuke was getting really tried of this; this phone call has passed its limits for him. Women were always hanging off of him, asking for dates to more…explicit things."Easy just go on Konoha Dating-"No, I'm not using that stupid site-"Stop interrupting me! "And don't call it stupid when that's how Hinata-chan and I met. " Naruto's voice vanished, signaling the end of the phone call."You got to be kidding me, fu-Sasuke ignored the text, saving it for after he took his shower.….You didn't even fill in some of the slots, and the profile part is kind of a big deal for someone who's interested.That how Hinata-chan and I found eachother"The Uchiha smirked, showing a small amount of pearly white teeth. "Sasuke glared at his laptop screen with annoyance.

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Sasuke didn't account to the fact that Naruto attracted new friends like flies to garbage. Anyway after a few weeks Naruto started talking non-stop about this girl named Hinata he met on the site.

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  1. During the conversation, I told her I was happy to spread the wealth and that actually I was going to request a break from invitations since I’ve been doing quite a few. I want to be a team player and I don’t like to complain, but I’m starting to get burned out and frustrated with this.