Neil strauss guide to online dating

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You might have thought they'd come up with something better by now.

Too young to have fought in any major war, old enough to have enjoyed a free education – they have spent too much of their adulthood sitting around in coffee shops trying to set the world to rights. Self-help books line their shelves and and they are burdened with an almost permanent state of anxiety -- social, financial, sexual. It was a mesh of Madchester, the detoxification of football, the relaxation of late-night licensing, the rise of ecstasy and low-cost flights to stag-weekend locations in Europe.Just wait until the children of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hit the scene.Generation Y Also known as Millennials, born between about 19.As well as being comfortable sharing their entire life online, this is a selfish, self-regarding generation. Maybe it is not surprising -- this is a group who were brought up and pampered by their Gen X parents, who soothed them to sleep with Baby Einstein tapes.Generation X The man credited for christening this generation with such a deeply dull label is Robert Capa, the war photographer.

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