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It only took five minutes for the first car to pull up and call to Peyton. The middle aged man said, “No, I’m no cop.” Peyton told him, “Prove it. As soon as they walked into Debby’s house, Debby told Peyton to go up to her room and she’d meet her there shortly.

He said, “Come on Peyton, climb onboard and let me fuck you?

My Daddy says I’m the best fuck he’s ever had.” He looked at her and said, “Well, Daddy knows best, right?

” When she got home, the house was empty but she found a note her Father left her.

The photographer was putting away his cameras when Peyton came over and pulled him behind backdrop. The photog wasn’t one to pass up a great opportunity so he pulled his cock out and bent her over one of the big equipment cases. He slammed his cock deeper and deeper as he reached around and fingered her hard clit.

He pushed his cock into her dripping wet pussy and started to pound away at her. The sexy blonde teen started to cum and when he pulled out, she squirted her juices all over his trousers.

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When she walked into the living room, she found her Father sleeping on the couch. His eyes opened and he looked up at his gorgeous daughter. She ran her long, pink fingernails along the shaft and squeezed his balls as she kissed the head.