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Skits involving dating

Or worse yet, there's a single audience surrogate character who realizes how humiliated everyone should be feeling, while everyone else remains oblivious. Others include a scene of it here or there, largely avoiding it.

Its second digital subchannel serves as an owned-and-operated station of the classic TV network Antenna TV.

Often this is mollified by the characters being oblivious to the embarrassment they should be feeling.

Sometimes though, all the characters are acutely aware of their humiliation, which can make it so much worse (which is how Digging Yourself Deeper works when the attempts to improve the situation just cause further awkwardness).

The program began on January 11, 1963 as "Shock Theater" and created a generation of fans who could recite catch phrases such as "Turn Blue", "Stay Sick", "Camera Four" and "Ova Dey." Before Ghoulardi, Anderson had a weekday morning program on channel 8 starting in 1961 called Ernie's Place with sidekick Tim Conway (then credited as "Tom Conway"), that included live skits reminiscent of Bob and Ray.

When Anderson left for lucrative voice-over work in Hollywood in September 1966, the Friday night movie slot was succeeded by The Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show—cohosted by Bob "Hoolihan" Wells, who did the station weather forecasts as "Hoolihan the Weatherman"; and Charles "Big Chuck" Schodowski, a station engineer who had risen to director and had appeared in some of Ghoulardi's skits.

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